Why a Revolution in Tyre Technology Is on the Horizon

If you are responsible for managing a fleet of vehicles, you may be getting used to the idea of crunching data to try and squeeze optimum performance from each asset. As you do so, you can take advantage of the latest technology associated with the Internet of things and cloud computing, and you can also rely on component manufacturers to help you with your quest. For example, cutting-edge tyre manufacturers plan to produce covers that will be fully interactive and environmentally-friendly. As you are always looking for improvements and innovations, what do you have to look forward to, as you plan your tyre budget for the future?

Communicating Tyres 

If consumers can look forward to total connectivity to help them become more efficient while they save money, then it stands to reason that car tyres will be part of this equation.

As a fleet buyer, you know how expensive these replacements can be, so it stands to reason that you should optimise their use as much as possible. In the past, this has been somewhat difficult as you might only service the vehicle at quarterly intervals and by that time, you didn't have a chance to be proactive. In the near future, however, each tyre will be connected to the cloud and will send a raft of information. This can be analysed against optimal performance so that you can make adjustments as you go.

The tyre will be connected through sensors, to data storage systems and special algorithms that will work to communicate performance metrics to operators like you in real time. For example, you will be able to compare tread wear and temperature and will know if pressure needs to be adjusted, while you send the appropriate message to your maintenance people.

Breathing Tyres

Meanwhile, an environmentally-friendly tyre will soon follow. This is intended to have a living organism within the sidewall that can absorb carbon dioxide and "breathe" oxygen into the atmosphere. Through a process of photosynthesis, it will also generate energy which can, in turn, activate sensors and distribute data to monitoring systems in the vehicle.

Once again, tyre manufacturers are looking to the future and trying to present a cleaner and greener environment to an increasingly urban population. Fleet buyers that embrace this type of technology can then use this information to impress stockholders, as they do their bit for the environment.

Looking Ahead

While you wait for these space age tyres to arrive at your stockist, make sure that you extract as much value from your current covers as you can.