Important Information to Provide When Ordering Specialised Castor Wheels

Stock castor wheels may not deliver satisfactory performance in all applications. Value for money can be attained when you order castor wheels that are specifically designed to meet your needs. This article discusses some of the information that a manufacturer of specialised castor wheels may need in order to make the best castor wheels for use in a high temperature environment, such as in a bakery.

The Type of Heat

Not all high temperature environments are some. Some environments are characterised by dry heat, such as rooms where powder coating takes place. Other environments have moist heat. It is important for you to describe the kind of heat to which the castor wheels will be exposed. The manufacturer will then design castor wheels that will be best suited to the kind of heat in your operations. For instance, the manufacturer may make specialised phenolic castor wheels in case your description alerts him or her to the fact that you need wheels designed for an environment where there is dry heat.

Exposure Durations

How many minutes of continuous exposure to intense heat will the specialised castor wheels have to endure? The way castor wheels are designed in order to handle intense heat for half an hour is likely to differ from another design that is intended to handle exposure to intense heat for an hour. This is because the quantity or type of heat resistant materials is likely to differ for those two situations. It is therefore of vital importance for you to avail information about the typical duration of exposure of the castor wheels to high temperatures. Appropriate specialised wheels will then be made for your application.

The Type of Floor

The type of floor surface may also influence the design of your specialised castor wheels. Some manufacturers may recommend that you use the high temperature wheels on a smooth floor. However, it may not be immediately feasible for you to change your current floor in order to make it conform to the ideal state recommended by castor wheel manufacturers. It is therefore important for you to describe the nature of your floors so that the manufacturer of the specialised castor wheels can choose the materials whose durability is less likely to affected by the rough floor at your facility.

The effective performance of castor wheels is the outcome of a design that is based on a full understanding of the expected operation requirements. You should therefore be as detailed as possible when explaining what your requirements are to the manufacturer of specialised castor wheels. You can even request him or her to send an expert to your facility so that firsthand information can be got prior to the fabrication of your castor wheels.