What You Should Know About Summer Tyres

If the temperatures are starting to rise, you know summer is near. This is a good time to get your vehicle prepared for the intense heat so it can handle the change in climate without incident. One way to get your car ready for summer is by changing your tyres to summer tyres. Here is a little more information about these tyres so you can decide if these are best, or if you would be okay with all-season tyres. 

Summer Tyres Are Not the Same as All-Season Tyres

While some people do use summer tyres year-round, they are not the same as all-season tyres. All-season tyres are not appropriate if you have extremely wet, cold, or hot seasons. They are better if you live in a mild climate where you don't get many extreme weather conditions, such as somewhere that gets cold in the winter but doesn't experience snow, or if you get warmer temperatures in the summer, but not three months of triple-digit heat. However, summer tyres can really handle the intense heat of summer, improving your tyre performance all season long.

They Are Good For Mild Winters

Believe it or not, you might be able to use your summer tyres year-round. The rubber compound on summer tyres was originally meant for high temperatures and dry conditions, but it causes traction that also hold up in mild winters. They are simply not appropriate for extra-cold winter weather, such as if you live somewhere that might be below-freezing.

Summer Tyres Improve Vehicle Performance

During the summer, you might find that your vehicle has lower driving performance overall. This isn't always due to the mechanical system, but often from the tyres themselves. The high heat and dry climate can make it difficult for your tyres to function properly, including not being able to grip well on the hot, dry pavement. Summer tyres are able to grip a lot better, not to mention improving your curves and giving you better mileage when the temperatures rise.

The Tyres Work Good on Wet Roads

It is not uncommon to have some rainfall in the summer, which can make the roads extra slippery, especially within the first few minutes of the rainfall. The special rubber compound used on summer tyres makes them efficient at handling the wet, slick roads. Your vehicle will handle well in wet conditions while the rubber tyres grip to the ground without causing you incident.