Three Ways a Wheel Alignment Will Save Your Frugal Family Money

If your family is on a tight budget, it's easy to overlook the fact that your car needs a little preventative maintenance. If you find your car drifting off course when on a straight road, it may be in need of a wheel alignment. Before you decide that a wheel alignment is not a justifiable expense for your frugal family, check out these three ways that a wheel alignment can actually save you money.

Prevent uneven tyre wear

Your car's wheels will naturally fall out of perfect alignment over time. If you do a lot of driving or drive on uneven surfaces regularly, your vehicle will need a wheel alignment more regularly. When your wheels are not pointing forward or are leaning inward or outward, your tyres can wear quickly and unevenly. This means that your family vehicle will need new tyres sooner, which can be a costly venture. By having your wheels aligned when you first notice symptoms of misalignment, you can prevent uneven tyre wear and extend the lifespan of your tyres significantly. If you are unsure whether your family car requires a wheel alignment, many tyre service centres offer a free alignment check. When you have your wheels aligned, you may also consider having your tyres rotated to further prevent uneven tyre wear.

Improve fuel economy

If your family car's tyres are misaligned, you may be paying up to 10% more on your fuel bill. If your wheels are misaligned for an extended period and your tyres begin to wear unevenly, this can further reduce your fuel efficiency. If you find it difficult justifying the cost of regular wheel alignments, it helps to know that the improved fuel economy will more than cover the cost. Have your tyre and wheel specialist check and adjust your tyre pressure according to factory specifications- correct tyre inflation can save you over 3% on your fuel bill, so it's worth checking on a monthly basis.

Diagnose minor problems

When your local tyre and brakes service centre performs a wheel alignment on your family vehicle, they will conduct a full health check of your car's steering system. In so doing, they may pick up on small wears, faults and issues that can be repaired or mitigated before they become major issues. If you can get a little forewarning that a component of your car's steering system requires attention, it's easier to factor into your budget. Also, if you repair these components before they significantly deteriorate, you may prevent other problems from arising. For more information or to book your car in for a wheel alignment, contact your local tyre and brakes service centre today.