Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Truck Tyres

It is not possible to accurately predetermine the lifespan of any vehicle tyre. Every tyre is made of various components that impact on how it works and for how long. The performance and longevity of tyres is also influenced by several other factors such as weather, storage, and usage conditions. That is why it is important for every truck owner to take care of their tyres in the best way possible.

Weather conditions

Regular truck tyres are adversely affected by freezing conditions. As winter's cold temperatures bite, the tread rubber of a regular tyre will get stiffer and become less able to adapt to snowy or icy roads' irregularities. It is a smart move to purchase and store a set of winter tyres, which you can substitute for your regular tyres when the winter season begins.

Because of increased rubber flexibility, winter tyres can maintain firmer grip on snowy and icy driving surfaces. But remember that this tyre feature is not beneficial in warmer weather. Therefore, you should look for summer tyres when the snowy or icy conditions of the winter season have ceased. Although this might be initially costly, you will get more return on investment in the long term by using the right set of tyres for a specific weather condition.

Usage conditions

The surest way to get the most service out of your tyres is to use them according to the manufacturer's specifications. This means you should regularly inspect your tyres so that you can detect and fix any problems that may shorten their service life. Make sure your wheels and axles are properly aligned and the tyres are correctly inflated as failure to do so can lead to irregular tyre wear.

More importantly, you should always keep in mind that your tyres are the only contact points between your truck and the road surface. Therefore, driving carefully can save your tyres a great deal of harm that can be caused when passing through potholes or rough terrains.

Storage conditions

Not many people are aware that their trucks can undergo a considerable amount of deterioration even when they are not being used. Make sure that the garage or carport where you usually keep your truck is free of extreme heat and humidity that may cause structural damage to the various parts of the tyres. It is also important to see to it that the surface on which the tyres stand is clear of any sharp objects that may pierce into the rubber component. Ensuring that the storage space is cool and dry will minimise tyre corrosion caused by leaking oil or fuel.