Examine the wear on your tyres to tell what’s wrong with them

Examining your tyres is a task that can be of life saving importance. It's of vital importance that your tyres are correctly aligned, that they are properly inflated, and that the tread in the rubber is deep enough to give you a decent grip, otherwise you might find yourself in some pretty dangerous situations. When performing your own tyre inspection, you need to be careful not to misinterpret the signs. To properly inspect your tyres, you need to know why they get worn in the places that they are, and what signs show you that you should change them.


If your tyre is worn on both sides of the tyre, this means that the tyre is underinflated. The weight of the car presses the tyre out to the sides, causing it to wear on both sides equally. You need to pump tyres like this as soon as possible, as underinflated tyres aren't good for you or your car. It makes the vehicle work harder, causing it to swallow more fuel than normal and put excessive wear on vital parts. It also generates heat in the tyres, causing them to age faster.


The completely opposite scenario is also a problem for your car. If your tyre is only worn in the middle of the tyre, this is a sign of over inflation. Too much air in the tyre can make you lose traction and make your driving experience worse. It's also not good for the tyre, as strain is being put on the rubber both by being worn in the same place all the time and because it has to contain more air than it really should.


If you're getting patterns of wear on your tyre, this might mean that your tyres are misaligned, as they are being scrubbed against the road in an uneven and seemingly random fashion. Misalignment makes your driving experience worse and vastly decreases the road handling ability of the tyres. Another sign you can use to tell if your tyres are unbalanced or misaligned is that you feel the car vibrating when you're driving on smooth, asphalt roads. It should be noted in your logbook when you last had your tyres aligned. If you are experiencing troubles like this, you should take your car to a shop that performs log book service, such as Bridgestone Select, and get the tyres realigned. If there has been too much time passing with you driving on misaligned tyres, you might also have to change the tyres completely.